Tenant Screening without the Paperwork

Just your tenant’s name and email address...

When you're ready to begin, create your account (signing up is easy and free). After you've successfully logged in, provide your rental property address, answer a few questions and submit your first order by entering your tenant's name and email address. Your tenant will then be notified to answer some security questions so he or she can authorize the release of his or her report to you. To protect the tenant, all personal account numbers will be redacted.

  • Sign Up/Receive Results 24/7
  • No Inspection or Paperwork
  • Official Credit Report
  • Credit Bureau Credit Score
  • Chapter 7 & 13 Bankruptcy Filings
  • Monetary Judgments (Eviction)
  • Returned Check Collection Accounts
  • Unpaid Utility & Landlord Collections
  • Credit Card, Loan & Mortgage Payments.
  • Security Deposit Recommendation
  • National Criminal Record Search
  • Criminal Data from ATF, DEA, FBI...
  • ...U.S. Secret Service, Customs & Marshals
  • National Sex Offender Registry
  • OFAC Terrorist Watch List
  • Fewer False Positives w/ Credit Matching
  • Create your own lease agreement option


$3495 per report