How it Works for a Tenant

A Safe and Secure Way to Apply... offers an online tenant screening solution that is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. In order to begin the process, the tenant MUST have an email address and provide it to the landlord/agent. The process generally goes as follows:

1. Landlord/Agent places a tenant screening order using the email address provided by the tenant.

2. The tenant is sent a request via email and instructed to visit to create an account in order to accept or decline the request. Note: The tenant's account must be created with the same email address that he or she provided to the landlord/agent for placing an order. 

3. The tenant must agree to accept the request to initiate the secure release of his or her credit report and criminal record information to the landlord/agent through

4. The tenant will then be asked to verify his or her identity by answering a few multiple choice questions (usually three) provided by the credit reporting agency about current or previous information on file.

5. The landlord/agent receives the tenant's credit and criminal history as soon as the tenant successfully passes the identity authentication process conducted by the credit reporting agency.

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